The Launch!

To be totally honest, my real reasoning for organising a Launch Event was to give me a firm deadline to work towards in order to complete all the branding, printing and website. I just wanted something short and simple, and to have the opportunity to thank all my family and friends for their support! I think I managed to tick all the boxes.

We had cake (on brand of course!), we had bubbles, and to pretend to be healthy, we had fruit kebabs too! I absolutely loved having all my loved ones together to help me celebrate the hard work I’ve put in so far, and to wish me luck for the future of Dream Beauty.

After the cake, we went upstairs to see all the newness! The website, all the branding materials, and of course my beautiful Delilah Cosmetics stand!

I made a terrible attempt at a speech, and then everyone milled around, playing with the makeup and the website, and having a wee nosy around my gorgeous makeup studio, which finally had the pictures put up on the wall! (Thanks Sean!)

I definitely want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming (especially my mum and sister for helping – I’m still trying to find stuff that was hidden, sorry, tidied away, and to the girls who made it all possible – Ciara Patrick Designs for all the branding work, Marie Walker for the printing, and Denise McMahon for the website! And, of course, a huge thank you goes to Catriona Corrigan of Divine Photography for her incredible photography, and all round cheerleading abilities! To the people who unfortunately couldn’t make it, trust me when I say that all the messages of support I received truly made me feel loved! And last but not least in this Oscar worthy speech (someday I will achieve my dream of winning an award!) – my family, who all the hard work is for!


Now the real hard work begins. The brand is perfect, the website is impeccable, and I’ve definitely found my makeup style and my voice. Look out world, Dream Beauty is coming!

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